Elixir Panama Liqueur

The Czech company Albert Michler Distillery, is one of the best-known and oldest independent bottler in the rum segment. This company’s history dates back to the mid of the 19th century and is rebuilded since 2015. Their bottlings usually get an innovative double maturation in Czech Republic. This Rums delight connoisseurs as well as newcomers to the world of Rum.

THE RUM FACTORY Elixir Panama Liqueur is produced in Bodega de America S.A. in Panama and maturing up to 7 years in American white oak barrels. After aging we create a liqueur with adding sugar and dried fruits into the rum. The Liqueur impresses with a straw yellow color. In the nose elegant sweet, vanilla, banana and crème brulee. The palate of this Premium liqueur is creamy and buttery with aromes from toffee and dried fruits. Fruity and powdered vanilla sugar with raisins in the finish. Excellent Rum create a delicious dessert in the glass.

Distillery: Bodega de America S.A. Panama
Age: Blend 1 – 7 years
Color: Straw yellow
Nose: Elegant sweet creme brulee
Palate: Creamy dried fruits and caramel with a full rum structure.
Finish: Medium and delicious sweet, with raisins and vanilla sugar.